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Our APIs connect your customers to top private equity and
venture capital funds while unlocking new recurring revenue streams.

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Unlock high-margin revenue streams
Gain more customer wallet share
Increase customer enagement
Attract higher LTV customers

Go live in less than 1 month

Leveraging Caliber X, you can shorten 1 year of development into 1 month

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Legal as a

Seamlessly integrate CaliberX's Suite of APIs
Provide your customers a curated marketplace of best-in-class alternative investments vetted industry experts.
Equip your platform with our comprehensive KYC/AML solutions, ensuring secure and compliant transactions.
Order Management
Streamline tracking and managing of ownership records, ensuring secure investor transactions.
Leverage our automated fund administration service for transparent, audit-ready accounting and reporting.
Research Hub
Give your users an edge with our research hub, providing structured, queryable data for informed investments.

Built with developers in mind

We empower developers to craft intuitive and inclusive experiences for investors by offering an API-first platform, designed to seamlessly integrate with your applications. With Caliber X, you can grant your users access to an expansive array of alternative investment options previously only available to large institutions. And all of this is achievable with just a few lines of code.

Use cases


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Neobanks can leverage Caliber X to effortlessly incorporate alternative investments into their offerings. By integrating our API, neo banks can offer their customers access to diverse investment opportunities previously reserved for large institutions. This not only enriches their product offerings but also helps to attract a more diversified customer base. With Caliber X's digitized compliance and regulation, neo banks can ensure smooth, secure transactions that comply with regulations, creating a safer environment for their customers to invest.


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Wealth managers can use Caliber X to access top-tier alternative investment funds, providing their clients with a broader array of options to grow their wealth. Our structured, queryable data system and clear educational content enable wealth managers to make more informed decisions, providing higher transparency and understanding of alternative investments to their clients. Caliber X’s tech-forward transfer agency services help manage the end-to-end lifecycle of transactions, streamlining wealth managers’ operations and allowing them to focus more on strategy and customer service.
CaliberX transforms Turnkey Asset Management Platforms (TAMPs) into all-in-one destinations for advisors. We seamlessly integrate alternative investment funds, centralizing and enriching the advisor experience. Our advanced transfer agency services simplify operations, allowing advisors to focus on strategy and client service. With CaliberX, TAMPs can cater comprehensively to advisors' needs, creating an unrivaled investment experience.


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Online brokerages can significantly expand their investment options by integrating with Caliber X. Through our API, brokerages can provide their clients with an array of top-tier alternative investment funds, enhancing portfolio diversification. Our digitized compliance and regulation services ensure a secure trading environment, and our efficient order management system simplifies the process, making investing in alternative funds as simple as clicking a button. The structured data Caliber X provides can also enrich the analytical tools online brokerages offer to their customers, enhancing their investing experience.

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